President Trump, NKorea’s Chairman Kim to Meet in 2019

President Trump, NKorea’s Chairman Kim to Meet in 2019

President Trump, NKorea’s Chairman Kim to Meet in 2019

President Donald Trump plans to meet NKorean leader Kim Jong Un in the New Year.

The United States and NKorea have been discussing a 2nd meeting between their leaders to follow up the Singapore Summit in June and lay the groundwork for ending a nuclear stand-off.

“The plans are ongoing. We believe that the summit will likely occur after the 1st of the year but the when and the where of that is still being worked out,” Vice President Pence told reporters after meeting SKorean President Moon Jae-in.

VP Pence said that the US will not require NKorea to provide a complete list of its nuclear sites and weapons prior to the meeting.

VP Pence and President Moon were meeting on the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific Summit hosted by Singapore.

President Trump said last week he’s now in “no rush” but still wants to meet with Chairman Kim for a 2nd time.

US officials said sanctions forced NKorea to the negotiating table and vowed to keep pressure until complete denuclearisation.

VP Pence said President Moon agreed to work closely with the United States towards the second US-NKorea sSummit, as Washington maintains the “maximum pressure” campaign by keeping the sanctions against Pyongyang in place.

A US congressional commission said Wednesday that China appears to have relaxed enforcement of sanctions on NKorea as Pyongyang began to engage with the United States this year.

President Trump says differently.

President Trump is expected to speak more about enforcing sanctions when he meets Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G-20 summit late this month and the unique role that China can play in ensuring the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

NKorea has not tested a nuclear device or ballistic missile since last year, and has said it has shuttered its main nuclear test site with plans to dismantle several more facilities. It has warned it could restart its nuclear program if the United States does not drop the sanctions regime.

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