President Trump: “NATO Stronger Now Than it Was 2 Days Ago”

President Trump: “NATO Stronger Now Than it Was 2 Days Ago”

President Trump: “NATO Stronger Now Than it Was 2 Days Ago”

Thursday, US President Donald Trump that the United States’ commitment to NATO “remains very strong” after a summit in Brussels at which he said allies had made unprecedented commitments to increase spending on their own defense.

“NATO is much stronger now than it was 2 days ago,” President Trump told reporters, describing an unscheduled crisis meeting of the 29 alliance leaders on Thursday morning as “fantastic” and having “a great collegial spirit.”

Asked about whether he could unilaterally withdraw the US from NATO without congressional approval, Trump said, “I think I probably can.” But he immediately dismissed such a move as unnecessary.

President Trump said he told “people” that he would be “very unhappy” if they didn’t increase their commitments. The US has been paying “probably 90% of the costs of NATO,” he claimed.

President Trump adds that he was “extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment.”

NATO’s official comment will be announced later Thursday afternoon

President Trump on said NATO “obsolete,” said Thursday that now “I believe in NATO.”

All of the 29 NATO allies will be soon paying their fair share.

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