President Trump: “Massive US Spending on NATO ‘Not Acceptable'”

President Trump: “Massive US Spending on NATO ‘Not Acceptable

President Trump: “Massive US Spending on NATO ‘Not Acceptable'”

Monday, President Trump blasted North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members for what he described as their measly spending, asking them to increase their contributions to the alliance, reiterating past criticism ahead of his trip to a NATO Summit this week.

“The United States is spending far more on NATO than any other Country. This is not fair, nor is it acceptable. While these countries have been increasing their contributions since I took office, they must do much more. Germany is at 1%, the US is at 4%, and NATO benefits……….Europe far more than it does the U.S,” the President wrote on Twitter.

NATO leaders are due to arrive at the alliance’s HQ in Brussels on Wednesday bracing for a bruising encounter with President Donald Trump.

The US Commander-in-Chief has a big stick.

It is their shortfall in defense spending; or as President Trump puts it, allies’ refusal to “pay what they owe.”

President Trump says NATO allies have not boosted defense spending enough and linked that issue to a trade deficit with the EU.

President Trump has given plenty of warning with letters dispatched to NATO leaders who do not yet meet the target of 2% of GDP (gross domestic product).

Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau are in his sights.

Then there is the weakened Vladimir Putin, and fears of what President Trump do with the Russian leader at their Summit in Helsinki next Monday.

After his tough lecture at the G-7 gathering, President Trump is making good on his mission to puncture multilateral institutions and remake the world order in America’s interests. NATO is next.

America First and MAGA

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