President Trump, “It is not necessary to test everyone before opening up”

President Trump, “It is not necessary to test everyone before opening up”

America will never be able to test everyone for the coronavirus before opening up the US economy again, and it will not be necessary to do so, President Trump said Thursday.

The task force is planning to have the US ramp up its already world-class testing reach to underreported areas, including hard-hit minority communities that might have not sought to be tested, President Trump told reporters at the coronavirus task force daily briefing.

Testing every American is not plausible, he added.

We are talking about 325 million people, and that’s not going to happen, as you can imagine, and it would never happen with anyone else either,” President Trump said. “Other countries do it in a limited form. We will probably be the leader of the pack.”

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Have a happy healthy Easter and Passover weekend, stay home, Keep the Faith!

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