President Trump is Winning Over Blacks, Hispanics, Millennials, and Yes, Gays

President Trump is Winning Over Blacks, Hispanics, Millennials, and Yes, Gays

President Trump is Winning Over Blacks, Hispanics, Millennials, and Yes, Gays

  • Democrats can scream as loud as they want, but they cannot drown out reality.

Democrat hate speech targeting deplorables has always worked on their own voters.

Libeling Republicans as racist, homophobic morons has kept Democrat voters in line.  President Trump laughs at their insults, and just gets stronger.

Suddenly, 1 more Trump success, the Democrat line has frayed and is breaking.  Our minorities are breaking free.

President Trump’s off the charts achievements on jobs and security are improving the lives of every single Democrat identity voting bloc.  A small, but increasingly significant number are noticing.  With his MAGA gains on the economy and foreign affairs, President Trump is slowly chipping away at the Democrat Party’s foundations.  The White working class already belongs to President Trump.  Fed up Blacks, Hispanics, millennials and gays are starting to follow.

Ordinary people, including our minorities, are focused on the reality of their lives.  Most Americans actually care about exactly the 2 big issues President Trump cares about:  jobs and personal safety, and

  1. They see more money in their paychecks.
  2. They notice when they get off food stamps and the unemployment line.
  3. They notice when they move from flipping hamburgers to a high-paying construction or assembly-line jobs.
  4. Securing our border, supporting cops, defeating ISIS in Syria, pressuring NKorea to “denuke” ordinary people get that we are safer than we were under Mr. Hussein Obama.

On Top of it, the screaming is turning people off.  In the words of a gay woman, member of the #WalkAway movement,

Lea Anna Bright, in a mohawk, looks into the camera and says in a slow, simmering voice: “This is a Vice article I am reading right now. It says, ‘The activist left doesn’t give a shit about your calls for civility. Get ready for a summer of rage.’” She looks up. “This is where the party is going, and this is why I chose to walk away. Peace. Not for me. Bye.”

As Michael Goodwin notes in the New York Post, President Trump is gaining inside Democrat strongholds.  He is reaching women and non-Whites.  A Harvard/Harriss poll shows a 10-pt upswing among Hispanic voters.  He has made a 4-point gain among Democrats.

Pollsters attributed the rise to the strong economy and that a whopping 75% approved of the president’s decision to meet with NKorean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Finally, a Pew finding about President Trump supporters upends stereotypes: Just 31% are White men without college degrees, while 66% are college graduates, women or non-Whites.

Millennials are growing up, getting jobs and paying taxes.  They are still turned off by the Republican Party, as are Trump supporters.  They are stubbornly unwilling to give President Trump personal credit.  But they recognize his pro-growth agenda is a good thing, and they do not want Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to wreck the economy.

Millennials are telling Reuter/Ipsos pollsters that they are going to vote Republican in the mid-terms.

In Y 2016, White millennials supported Democrats for Congress by a whopping 47 to 33%.  No more.  Millennial support for Democrats has fallen by almost 10%.  If this holds, this is seriously bad news for Democrats.

For the 1st time, millennials will be the largest eligible voting bloc surpassing baby boomers come November. Historically Democrats have relied on the youth vote to carry them over the finish line. This new polling suggests a blue wave may be less likely than previously thought.

Racial appeals are at long last getting old.

Race-baiting is less effective delivered by Maxine Waters than by the nation’s Mr. Hussein Obama.  A redpill video by a young Black woman named Candace Owens, praised by Kanye West, is credited with creating a fateful 1st chink in the Black voting bloc.

Following Kanye’s Tweet, President Trump’s approval among Black men 2X’d, to 22%, and among all Blacks, to over 16%.

This is bigger than Kanye West

President Trump promised Blacks that if they gave him a chance, they would see real economic progress and he has delivered, big time.  Blacks are working more than ever, many at better jobs.  They like it, and have been voting differently in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

According to a June Rasmussen poll, 2X as many Black voters will now admit they are better off under President Trump.

Unbelievably, thanks to an honest gay man’s viral video, #WalkAway, we are hearing from the ultimate Democrat stronghold, the LGBQT community.  It turns out White gay men are not appreciating the blatant anti-White and anti-gender hate speech of the new Democrat left.

White gay men are near the Top of the privileged bad guys list.  They get less victim points than White women, Black women, trans and non-genders.  Most gay men are quite successful financially.  Democrat’s ginning up rage against successful White men is a turn-off.  But it is more than that.

One gay man declares that before being gay, he is a patriotic American.  He appreciated President Trump’s Muslim travel ban, as a rational security measure.  The two parties’ reaction to the Orlando massacre changed everything for him.

“Trump said he was going to protect gay men, and he did, [with] the travel ban. Hillary was telling Americans not to ‘pick on all Muslims because of this,’” and that did not feel like protection, Roberts says. “I swear to God, wanted to throw my shoe through the TV.  “At that point I was like, I can’t do it anymore. I really can’t. (snip)

His assessment of the Democrats: “From immigration to everything, they are just a disaster.  “They’re anti-American, anti-common sense, rational — anything good, they’re against it.”

We have seen astroturf movements, like Occupy Wall Street and the anti-gun children’s crusade.  They soon fizzle away.

But, the #WalkAway movement feels more like the Tea Party.  It is based on people’s gut reality.  The voices are not echoing talking points, they are from the heart, and carry a lot of power.  The Tea Party stayed within the GOP and morphed into the Freedom Caucus.  #Walkaway are lifelong Democrats totally leaving the blue tribe.

Conservatives have been watching the anti-Trump hysteria with growing revulsion.

In 1 corner, President Trump, delivering the goods on jobs, national, and personal security.

In the opposing corner, Democrats’ rejection of our electoral system, fake news and calls to violence.

We have been wondering how ordinary, decent Democrat voters will react.

They are starting to break free and will cross over to the Trump side at the midterms

By Karin McQuillan

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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