President Trump is Willing to Meet With Iran’s Rouhani at UN

President Trump is Willing to Meet With Iran’s Rouhani at UN

President Trump is Willing to Meet With Iran’s Rouhani at UN

US President Donald Trump is willing to meet with Iran’s Hassan Rouhani when world leaders gather at the United Nations this week.

“He’s happy to talk with folks at any time,” US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said in a TV interview Sunday morning. “The President’s been pretty clear about that.”

White House officials said last week that President Trump would focus the meeting on halting the spread of weapons of mass destruction. That was until Friday, when the President Tweeted that he would concentrate on Iran.

The difference between the possible topics is Key.

Under UN rules, Iran, which is not currently a member of the Security Council, can attend a meeting if it’s going to be the main subject of discussion. It raises the prospect of an encounter, chance or otherwise, between President Trump and Rouhani.

President Trump withdrew the US from the nuclear deal that his predecessor, President Barack Hussein Obama, signed in Y 2015 with Iran and 5 other countries. He plans to back up his exit this week by telling European counterparts that the nuclear accord is failing, and that European companies are opting to leave Iran to avoid risking their Us business ties.

Secretary of State Pompeo has been a chief proponent of President Trump’s efforts to confront Iran.

After announcing 12 conditions earlier this year that Iran must meet to be considered a “normal” country, Secretary Pompeo in August unveiled the creation of an “action group” of US officials to coordinate efforts to increase economic and political pressure on the Islamic Republic.

When asked about having a constructive dialog with Iran, Secretary Pompeo said that it does not seem likely. Iran’s behavior, he said, “wouldn’t indicate any intention to change the fundamental challenge” that the Islamic Republic presents to the world.

Secretary Pompeo also discussed US-Russian relations, saying that Moscow has “not proven helpful” on President  Trump’s foreign policy objectives.

“They have not proven helpful in the Ukraine, in Syria,” he said, according to an advance transcript provided by the network. As the US tries to “push back against Russia’s malign activity around the world, the President’s tried to develop a relationship and change that, but we’ve not been successful, at least to date.”

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