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President Trump is Right, Huge Percentage of Fans Turning Off NBA: It is “Too Political”

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A huge number of sports fans are tuning out the NBA, citing their displeasure with the league going all-out on left-wing social justice activism.

A new Harris Poll found that 38% of fans who are watching fewer games this season said it was due to the league becoming “too political.”

The breakdown by party shows that Republican-identifying fans are far more likely to tune out games over the left-wing activism, with 57% saying the league had become “too political,” as compared to 22% of Democrats registering the same complaint.

In its report on the survey’s findings, Harris Poll acknowledges that the data “backs Trump’s critique of the NBA”: “People are tired of watching the highly political @NBA. Basketball ratings are WAY down, and they won’t be coming back. I hope football and baseball are watching and learning because the same thing will be happening to them. Stand tall for our Country and our Flag!!!” President Trump Tweeted to his 86-M followers recently.

A new Harris Poll backs President Trump’s critique of the NBA, with 39% of sports fans saying they are watching fewer games.

The Key reason why? Politics. The longtime polling agency surveyed nearly 2,000 people over the weekend and gave people 10 options to choose from on why they are watching less basketball.

The league has become too political” was the clear choice for the decline, with 38% of respondents. “Boring without fans” captured 28% of the vote while the NBA’s association with China caused 19% of sports fans to turn the dial, another nod to a league President Trump labeled a “political organization” last week after players boycotted games in response to a police officer shooting Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The league’s ties with China were particularly a turn-off among Republican fans. Over 36% of Republicans cited the NBA’s ties to human rights-violating China as their reason for tuning out, while 8% of Democrats did the same.

The league’s recent increase in social justice-themed activism aka BLM, is being led in part by Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. 

In May James used his massive social media platform to promote the conspiracy that Black people are “literally hunted everyday” in the US which is patently not true.

We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes!” the basketball player wrote via Twitter.

Can’t even go for a damn jog man!” Mr. James wrote,. “Like [what the f***] man are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?

And last month, the NBA postponed a number of playoff games over the police shooting of Black criminal Jacob Blake, Jr.

Mr. Blake, Jr , who had a warrant out for his arrest for felony third-degree sexual assault, misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct connected to domestic abuse was shot by Kenosha police 7X while resisting arrest. 

Moreover, as part of a racial justice initiative, NBA players have also been allowed to display a “social justice” word or phrase, selected from an approved list, on the back of their jerseys instead of their last names. The approved list includes “Anti-Racist,” “Ally,” “Say Her Name,” “I Can’t Breathe,” “Enough,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “How Many More.”

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