President Trump is Not Preparing for an ‘Impeachment Battle’

President Trump is Not Preparing for an ‘Impeachment Battle’

President Trump’s legal team is not preparing for an ‘impeachment battle‘, and the growing call from congressional Democrats for impeachment is just “political theater,” Jay Sekulow, the President’s personal attorney, said Tuesday.

“There is no impeachment team,” Mr. Sekulow told reporters “I just do not see this as a real threat.”

Some congressional Democrats said they support the inquiry, but Mr. Sekulow said he is “not even sure they really want it…I think there’s a lot of people that don’t want, that are forced to say yeah, an impeachment inquiry should begin, that really don’t want one.”

Pro-impeachment Democrats are facing a battle from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other party leaders, and are expecting to get a boost when former special counsel Robert Mueller testifies on 17 July. Mr. Sekulow, said he does not think the former special counsel will deviate from his report and the hearings will mark the “great letdown.”

Mr. Sekulow does think Mr. Mueller will be in a “very difficult spot” when he is asked questions by Republicans about the background of his investigation, as there is a “lot of explaining to do.” And there is a chance he will not go to the Hill to testify,

There is no briefing of House Republicans on how to question Mr. Mueller happening. 

I have written publicly about it so they have seen that, on some op-ed’s and what not, other people have too, and I am not gonna be surprised if Bob Muller does not answer Congresses call. If he just says you know what, I’m sticking to my report,” Mr. Sekulow said.

Stay tuned…

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