President Trump is Focused on Presidency

President Trump is Focused on Presidency

President Trump is Focused on Presidency

Tuesday, the US House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said President Donald Trump does not seem impacted by any of the drama that’s plaguing his administration, including the Russia investigation and matters involving his attorney Michael Cohen.

The California Republican appeared on TV and said our President is focused on his job.

“I was just at dinner the other night with the President. You would not know any of this other stuff is going on,” Mr. McCarthy said.

“He was focused on Syria. He was focused on the economy. He was focused on Right to Try, that we change the fundamental that people still had an opportunity to try a new drug at the end part of their life to save their life.

“This man works 24 hours a day in the process. He’s not letting that get under his skin.”

Mr. McCarthy added that watching former FBI director James Comey talk about his interactions with President Trump during an interview broadcast Sunday night “was very disturbing to me.”

“They’re putting politics before people,” Mr. McCarthy said of Mr. Comey and his wife (a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter) who participated in the Women’s March the day after President Trump was Inaugurated.

Mr. McCarthy’s insistence that President  Trump is not letting the Russia probe and other potential scandals get to him contradicts what’s been reported and what he himself has said on Twitter and during news conferences.

President Trump is currently in Florida meeting with Japan’s PR Abe on trade negotiations.


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