President Trump in 2020, “Keep America Great”

President Trump in 2020, “Keep America Great”

President Trump in 2020, “Keep America Great”

Saturday, US President Donald Trump unveiled his Y 2020 campaign slogan — “Keep America Great!” and he called on Pennsylvania voters to elect Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone to Congress because “we have to defeat Nancy Pelosi” and the Democrats.

“The task for all of us, for everyone here tonight, is to make sure that this great American comeback continues, full speed ahead,” President Trump told a rally at Atlantic Aviation in Moon Township, Pa., near Pittsburgh International Airport.

“We are doing amazing things.”

He then announced his trademarked Y 2020 slogan saying it is “not my slogan, our slogan” teasing it by saying that it was based “on the assumption” that he seeks re-election.

“Which I’m almost positive, but you can never be 100% sure,” President Trump said.

“I never like to go too far in advance, but let’s assume it’s going like it’s going.”

He then told the crowd his Y 2020 motto: “‘Keep America great, exclamation point. Keep America great!'”

The crowd roared.

“But we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda and fight for our values,” President Trump said.

The President went to western Pennsylvania to campaign for Mr. Saccone, 60 anni, who is in a tight race with Democrat Conor Lamb, 33 anni, a former federal prosecutor and  US Marine, before Tuesday’s special election.

Mr. Saccone, an Air Force veteran, is seeking the House seat vacated last year by Rep. Tim Murphy, who resigned amid an extramarital scandal.

In the Y 2016 presidential race, President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the district by 19 points, according to the data.

President Trump stressed the importance of electing Mr. Saccone and stopping the “obstructionist” Democrats and Pelosi, the House minority leader from California.

“They obstruct,” President Trump told the crowd. “They delay. They do everything they can, and that is all they are good at.

“They have no ideas.”

“I look forward to 2020,” the President added. “I want to see how far left the person is going to be that we are going to run against.

“I look forward to it. I really do.”

We know you do Mr. President!

Have a terrific weekend.

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