President Trump, “I’ll Head to the Supreme Court If Democrats Try to Impeach”

President Trump, “I’ll Head to the Supreme Court If Democrats Try to Impeach”

President Trump says he will go directly to the US Supreme Court “if the partisan Dems” ever try to impeach him.

But President Trump’s strategy could run into a roadblock: the high court itself, which said in Y 1993 that the framers of the Constitution didn’t intend for the court to have the power to review impeachment proceedings. The Supreme Court ruled that impeachment and removal from office is Congress’ duty alone.

“I DID NOTHING WRONG,” President Trump Tweeted Wednesday.

President Trump says not only are there no “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” 1 of the bases for impeachment outlined in the US Constitution, “there are no Crimes by me at all.”

He alleges Democrats committed crimes and says they’re looking “to Congress as last hope!” because “We waited for Mueller and WON.”

The Constitution lays the “sole power” of impeachment before the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Democrats, who control the House, remain divided over the issue of impeachment even as a new front has opened in their investigations into the presidency, sparking a new legal war with the White House as President Trump seeks to fight any new congressional oversight.

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