President Trump, “ID Needed for Almost Everything, Why Not to Vote?”

President Trump, “ID Needed for Almost Everything, Why Not to Vote?”

President Trump, “ID Needed for Almost Everything, Why Not to Vote?”

  • “The time has come for voter ID like everything else”

US President Donald T rump said that people need to show ID to buy almost anything, and accused Democrats of obstructing his agenda and his Supreme Court nominee during a raucous rally aimed at bolstering two Florida Republicans ahead of the state’s primary.

President Trump, addressing thousands of supporters Tuesday night in 1 of the nation’s Top electoral battlegrounds, also mounted a rigorous defense of his trade agenda, accusing China and others of having “targeted our farmers.”

“Not good, not nice,” he told the crowd as tensions with China continue to escalate, adding: “You know what our farmers are saying? ‘It’s OK, we can take it.”

The Trump Administration last week announced plans for $12-B in temporary aid to help farmers deal with retaliatory tariffs from US trading partners in response to US trade policies.

The rally lasted more than an hour and included numerous attacks on the media.

Trump was railing against the idea of non-citizens voting and advocating stricter voting laws when he claimed that IDs are required for everything else.

Photo IDs are required for certain purchases, such as alcohol, cigarettes, Rx’s and over the counter cold medicines and more.

The comment came as Trump waded into Florida Republican politics, picking sides as he embraced US Rep. Ron DeSantis in a competitive primary for Governor and backed the Senate campaign of his longtime ally, Gov. Rick Scott.

“We have to make sure Rick Scott wins and wins big,” President Trump told the crowd. “It’s time to vote Bill Nelson out of office.”

The President avoided making an outright reference to a government shutdown during the rally, saying, “We may have to do some pretty drastic things” unless Democrats support his agenda.

He spent much of the rally highlight strong economic numbers and praising Mr. DeSantis as “a tough, brilliant cookie.” He predicted Mr. DeSantis will win against Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in the state’s 28 August Republican primary.

Governor Scott did not join President Trump at the rally but appeared with him at an earlier roundtable event.

President Trump is vehemently against the idea of allowing non-citizens to vote in some elections, saying, “Only American citizens should vote in American elections.”

He also advocated for requiring voters to present photo identification, even though Florida already has such a law on the books.

“The time has come for voter ID like everything else,” President Trump said.

“It’s crazy,” he added, “but we’re turning it around.”

You have to show an ID at the market to buy groceries with food stamps I believe.


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