President Trump Hosts 21,000 to His 1st Easter Egg Roll

President Trump Hosts 21,000 to His 1st Easter Egg Roll

President Trump Hosts 21,000 to His 1st Easter Egg Roll

Opening his 1st White House Easter Egg Roll, President Donald Trump praised the strength of America as thousands of children reveled in the tradition of rolling hard-boiled eggs across the White House lawn..

“This is the 139th Easter Egg Roll. Think of it, 139,” President Trump said Monday, welcoming families to the annual event. “And we will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before. We are right on track,” he said, speaking of the nation’s strength under fewer than 100 days of his leadership.

President Trump’s wife, First Lady Melania, and their son, Barron, 11 anni, and the Easter Bunny joined him on a balcony overlooking the lawn before they went downstairs to join some of the 21,000 people attending what is the biggest social event every year at the White House.

Before joining the festivities with his family, President Trump thanked his wife for “working on this for a long time to make it perfect.”


“As we renew this tradition, thank you for joining us,” the First Lady said.

Moments later, President Trump blew a whistle 3 times, each time sending groups of youngsters scurrying to deftly use a wooden spoon to maneuver their dyed egg several yards across the finish line. He, the First Lady and Barron also joined kids at a table to color cards to send to US service members.

President Trump’s older sons, Don Jr. and Eric, and their wives, and daughter Tiffany also attended.

Costumed characters roaming the grounds included Elmo from “Sesame Street,” Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and some of the Racing Presidents, who are mascots for the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball.

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