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President Trump Heads to UN With Long ‘To Do’ List

President Trump, America’s deal-maker, has a long list of unresolved foreign policy deals he has yet to close heading into his UN visit next week.

There are Key issues with Iran, NKorea, the Afghan Taliban, Israel and the Palestinians, plus a number of trade pacts.

President Trump says that he is in “no rush” to wrap up the deals, as negotiations take time. He is nearly 3 years into his Presidency and the 2020 Election looms, as he tend to unfinished foreign business.

President Trump’s critics say that lack of success means the President is going to the United Nations in a weakened position, not the case.

Some foreign policy experts give Trump credit for opening up international negotiations. And they do not get his negotiating style, because they think it makes the global players edgy.

President Trump says: “It’s the way I negotiate. It’s done very well for me over the years, and it’s doing even better for the country.”

President Trump’s “America First” policy has not gone over well at the United Nations before.

He’s argued in the past that each country should act solely in its own interest, and he’s argued that American might, combined with his negotiating skill, would build US power,” said the Middle East program director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “Now we have a General Assembly meeting where the President really needs allies on Iran.”

President Trump’s biographer, Michael D’Antonio said that where international affairs are concerned, the President appears more interested having something special to announce and leave the long-term problem-solving details to others.

“Once he has a partner engaged, he will likely announce something that sounds important,” Mr. D’Antonio said. “Others will manage the details after the election.”

America First!

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