President Trump, “He knows how to Win!”

President Trump, “He knows how to Win!”

President Trump, “He knows how to Win!”

Democratic pollster John Zogby says President Donald Trump knows how to succeed, pointing to the results of his latest poll that showed voters believe the President is fighting against the Washington establishment.

“Some people just know how to win,” Mr. Zogby declared Monday

According to the poll:

  • 54% say President Trump is fighting against the Washington ruling powers.
  • 26% view President Trump as a political insider.

Mr. Zogby says voters who consider Donald Trump to be anti-establishment are Republicans (67%), voters age 65 and over (63%), voters ages 50 to 64 (59%), voters from the South (56%), and from the Central/Great Lakes area (55%).

And he compared President Trump to previous presidents whose victories upended the elite class, such as Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

If Democrats in Y 2020 pick a newcomer to run against President Trump, the President will win reelection, Mr. Zogby said.

The pollster suggested former Vice President Joe Biden, 75 anni, could take on President Trump in Y 2020, saying that Mr. Biden could handle President Trump with his sense of humor.

“We can picture standing on the stage with Mr. Trump at the Presidential debates, giving back as good as he gets and laughing at all the right times… Mr. Biden has a jovial manner about him and we do know that a wide array of folks like him,” Mr. Zogby wrote.

The Zogby Strategies poll was conducted among 1,001 likely voters around the US from 5-6 July 5 with a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.2%.

Notably, there was no mention of Hillary R. Clinton as a potential candidate again.

America First and MAGA

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