President Trump Has ‘Gut for Justice,’ Should Give More Pardons

President Trump Has ‘Gut for Justice,’ Should Give More Pardons

President Trump Has ‘Gut for Justice,’ Should Give More Pardons

US President Donald Trump “has a real gut for justice” and should “give more pardons” to Americans who have been unjustly sentenced, Alan Dershowitz said Thursday.

Prof. Dershowitz made the comments during an interview  in reaction to the President’s commutation Wednesday of Alice Johnson, who served two decades for drug offenses.

“I wish he’d give more pardons. I think presidents ought to give more pardons to people who’ve gotten excessive sentences,” Prof. Dershowitz said.

Prof. Dershowitz agrees with every pardon President Trump has dispensed so far, except for former sheriff Joe Arpaio. But overall, the world-renowned attorney and law professor says he hopes President Trump can circumvent the bureaucracy to give more pardons.

“I like the idea of a President serving as ultimately the last authority on justice. This President has a real gut for justice,” Prof. Dershowitz said. “When you can persuade him that there has been an injustice, he’ll say, ‘We are going to do something about it.'”

President Trump “should set up within the White House a group of people who can look at these hundreds of applications, and if they say to him, ‘we want you to look at this one,’ he should look at it.

“He should bypass the mechanisms of bureaucracy and he should say, ‘my gut tells me this sentence is too long,'” Prof. Dershowitz said. “I like this President’s gut approach to pardoning. If there’s an injustice, let’s pardon.”

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