President Trump Has ‘Full Power’ Over Robert Mueller

President Trump Has ‘Full Power’ Over Robert Mueller

President Trump Has ‘Full Power’ Over Robert Mueller

The Constitution empowers President Trump to, “if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon.”

President Donald Trump’s lawyers noticed the above in a confidential letter to special counsel Robert Mueller in January that the President could not have obstructed justice because, as the nation’s chief executive, he has full authority over all federal investigations.

The 20-pg letter to Mr. Mueller and his team was hand delivered in January, it was written by 2 of the President’s lawyers at the time, John Dowd and Jay Sekulow.

Since then Emmet Flood replaced the retiring Ty Cobb, last month, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani then joined the team.

The letter a direct assertion of Presidential power and a signal to Mr. Mueller of his real place in the Chain of Command in the US.

“We are reminded of our duty to protect the President and his office,” Messrs Dowd and Sekulow wrote, pointing out the Mr. Mueller does not require an interview with President Trump.

President Trump slammed the Russia investigation on Twitter Saturday: “When will this very expensive Witch Hunt Hoax ever end?”

In the letter Messrs Dowd and Sekulow outlined 16 areas they said Mr. Mueller’s team was investigating, including President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey last May and of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn within a month after starting the job in Y 2016.

They also said Mr. Mueller was probing Trump’s response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal last year from the Moscow probe.

Further noting that President Trump should be credited for cooperating with investigators and even making top staffers available for questioning.

“We cannot emphasize enough that regardless of the fact that the executive privilege clearly applies to his senior staff, in the interest of complete transparency, the President has allowed, in fact, has directed, the voluntary production of clearly protected documents,” Messrs Dowd and Sekulow wrote.

“Ensuring that the office remains sacred and above the fray of shifting political winds and gamesmanship is of critical importance,” they added.

They wrote that Mr. Mueller’s investigators should prove that they can only get the information they need from the President after having exhausted all other efforts to obtain it.

“The President’s prime function as the Chief Executive ought not be hampered by requests for interview,” they wrote. “Having him testify demeans the Office of the President before the world.”

Messrs Dowd and Sekulow wrote that President Trump did not obstruct justice because Constitution allows him to end investigations on any matter or dismiss subordinates for any reason.

“Every action that the President took was taken with full constitutional authority pursuant to Article II of the United States Constitution. As such, these actions cannot constitute obstruction, whether viewed separately or even as a totality.”

Mr. Mueller’s office declined to comment.

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