President Trump Has Authority to Block Migrant Invasion

President Trump Has Authority to Block Migrant Invasion

President Trump Has Authority to Block Migrant Invasion

President Donald Trump has the “unique constitutional authority” to decide who comes into the United States and to use the same laws he used for a travel ban to block a migrant caravan from crossing the Mexican border.

“I was involved with preparing the original travel moratorium,” Sebastian Gorka said in a TV interview Friday morning. “I was involved in selling it to the American people and explaining it. It was challenged and what happened…the president has the unique constitutional authority to decide who comes into the United States and under which yardstick they are measured.”

Mr. Gorka also critics who say the caravan does not pose a threat to the United States.

“People like Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch and Sara Carter have gone down and interviewed the caravan, and found people from south Asia, from Bangladesh,” said Mr. Gorka. “The President of Guatemala has said he just deported 100 ISIS members.”

He noted that “80% of the caravan are military-aged males,” making the caravan a “potential national security threat.”

Mr. Gorka also disagreed with the thought that the caravan walkers should be allowed in because of the economic conditions in their own countries.

“There are  7-B people in the world,” he said. “A lot of them are poor. Where do we stop? Do we open the borders and let everybody in? Then America ceases to exist.”

The Trump Administration is considering an order to block the entry of migrants at the southern border using the same authority as its earlier travel ban, as thousands of Central Americans make their way toward the US.

The action, if implemented, would bar those seeking asylum from entering the country.

President Donald Trump is weighing a range of possible options designed to prevent undocumented migrants from crossing the US-Mexican frontier, but no final decision has been made.

The travel ban, announced shortly after President Trump took office, affected people from 7 countries. The executive order being looked at now would deny asylum claims based on national security concerns and would give broad authority to officials at the border.

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