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President Trump Has a ‘Full Plate’ in the 2nd Term, He is Ready!

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President Trump’s enemies are running Sleepy Joe Biden, a 3X loser, and a Beltway lifer who is credibly accused of selling his office, leaking false intel about General Flynn to the Washington Post and hands on friendliness with female various and sundry females, young and old.

And let’s not forget that a Ukrainian Prosecutor is digging into the potential criminal liability of the 1 or more persons who gorged on Burisma’s treasure of US taxpayer dollars. Hunter, Joe’s son is named, and so Joe’s complicity will soon be fully disclosed.

If there is a criminal investigation in Ukraine, Joe’s plea of cognitive impairment will let him get a pass. That is what I see.

There has been an agreement with Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) Marxist platform whereby it would be advanced behind Sleepy Joe, his keepers, his Ray Ban’s fake smile.

The fake news about the fake polls seems out of wack.

The Big Q: How is it possible for President Trump to have 54% approval on the economy and 70% disapproval on The China Virus in the same poll? 

Nor would 300,000 people have donated a total of $20-M in 1 virtual fundraiser by President Trump if they believed the MSM’s unanimous propaganda that he is certain to lose in November.

Nor would the “peaceful” burning down of a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, cheered on by its Mayor, edge President Trump into a 2 or 3 pt snap lead over Sleepy Joe in a solid socialist blue region.

Meanwhile, as motorized gangs attack an armed funeral procession, the citizens of Chicago, machine guns blazing as in Big Al’s days Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatens that “Trump won’t be allowed to interfere with the safety of the citizens of Chicago.” Who elected that Nutter?

Rasmussen is the only reliable national poll, it polls likely voters, has President Trump at 48% approval and trending up. This translates to President Trump owning a wide lead in all battleground states. Meaning a few more than 300 Electoral College votes. We take this as grounds for examining what a 2nd Trump term leads us to expect.

Much depends on whose hands control each House of Congress.

Currently, and like Honest Abe, Donald J faces a House divided. But the logic is that President Trump brings both chambers with him January 2021.

We can expect a 4-year, hands-on focus on China on every front. Taking a page from Ronald Reagan’s Cold War strategy Vs the USSR, this means a vast military and economic buildup that would force China to match us.

President Trump believes that a military buildup will drive economic growth. Why? Because now ‘military’ covers most all of the bastions of American energy, from innovation to distribution.

Donald Trump, like Ronald Reagan before him, would not take the intel community assessment of China’s military and economic might, he will test and verify.

A Key test will be the response to a pushback in the South China Sea, another, deals with Taiwan.

Further, our supply chains will continue to be repatriated from China, triggering job growth at home and economic constraint in China.

President Trump will bet China’s command economy could not, and would not, match American enterprise. That command economy is risking its reputation already with, we are told, $200-B of IPO financing on the Shanghai bourse.

We shall see how much in command the CCP will be in this scenario. Much of the world now understands the C-19 coronavirus has made China a pariah.

Here at home, a Key area will be the continued rebalancing of the federal judiciary, as attrition will hammer the Clinton and Hussein Obama appointments at both the District and Appellate levels, and unbind the kinked justice system we have now. The left, beaten, will not rally.

Education in the US is bent.

After 60 yrs of attack, into colony of deeply indebted students being badly taught varying degrees of socialism in the once halls of learning. That needs to be changed, standards need to be raised, useless professors should lose tenure.

Debt that can be collateralized into a marketable instrument and can enter the capital markets.

We have remedies of forbearance and reorganization for that debt which cannot.

At the K-12 level, all reasonable observation indicates that our lost generations are the work of Mayors and Governors indebted to teachers’ unions.

The cure is ‘charter schools’. The same reasoning that brought us Roe v. Wade will bring legislation for nationwide charter schools.

And finally Law & Order: how to deal with the deep state criminals of the Russia hoax, with its unconstitutional impeachments, rigging of elections and lawless shattering of reputations and lives.

We have had experience in such matters over our 244 yrs. The 1st rule is to ‘do no harm’ and bind up our wounds. All those against whom a charge of Treason or a ‘high crime and misdemeanor’ will not stick must resign.

There is enough information already known to bring 100’ds of people before a grand jury. The truly evil should face prison, Gitmo is open…

The full for Donald J Trump’s 2nd term is full: China, the judiciary, education and satisfactory redress for the criminal acts of the last 4 yrs and the 4 before.

All with resolution, a generous growing of our economy, and action that instills fear of the consequences.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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