President Trump Hammers Mainstream Media as ‘Fake, Fake Disgusting News’ at Pennsylvania Rally

President Trump Hammers Mainstream Media as ‘Fake, Fake Disgusting News’ at Pennsylvania Rally

President Trump Hammers Mainstream Media as ‘Fake, Fake Disgusting News’ at Pennsylvania Rally

President Donald Trump unleashed his grievances Thursday at a Pennsylvania campaign rally in which he cast journalists as his true political opponents.

President Trump ‘barnstormed’ in a state that he took from the Democrats in Y 2016 and that is home to a Senate seat he is trying to place in the Republicans’ column this Fall.

The race between GOP US Rep. Lou Barletta and 2-term incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey took a back seat to President Trump’s ‘rage’ against the MSM, which came amid a backdrop of antagonism to journalists from the White House and hostility from the thousands packed into a Wilkes-Barre arena.

“Whatever happened to the free press? Whatever happened to honest reporting?” Trump asked, pointing to the media in the back of the hall. “They don’t report it. They only make up stories.”

Time and time again, President Trump denounced the press for underselling his accomplishments and doubting his political rise.

He tore into the MSM for diminishing what he accomplished at his Singapore Summit with NKorea leader Kim Jung Un.

He tore into the tough questioning he received in Helsinki when he met with Russia’s Vladimir Putin last month.

He began the speech with a 10-min remembrance of his Y 2016 election night victory, bemoaning that Pennsylvania was not the state to clinch the White House for him only because “the fake news refused to call it.”

“They were suffering that night, they were suffering,” President Trump said of the election night pundits. He then promised that the Keystone State would deliver his margin of victory “next time.”

“Only negative stories from the fakers back there,” the President declared.

With each denunciation, the crowd jeered and screamed at the mainstream press in the holding pen at the back of the arena.

The rally came just hours after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to distance herself from President  Trump’s assertions that the MSM is the “enemy” of the American people. Saying President Trump “has made his position known.”

In a heated exchange with reporters, she recited a litany of complaints against the press and blamed the media for inflaming tensions in the country.

“As far as I know, I am the 1st press secretary in the history of the United States that has required Secret Service protection,” she said, accusing the media of continuing “to ratchet up the verbal assault against the President and everyone in this administration.”

Though Mr. Barletta’s bid was an under-card to The Trump Main Event, savaging his opponents, the President did bless the congressman’s bid.

President Trump has accelerated his campaign schedule in recent weeks to help the Republicans he favors both in primaries and November’s midterms, recall he is the 1st Republican to win Pennsylvania since Y 1988.

“For years and years, they said Republicans should win the state of Pennsylvania,” President Trump said. “It always got away. But we won the state of Pennsylvania.”

He and Mr. Barletta, who is trailing in the polls, share hard-line immigration views, and President Trump lashed Senator Casey with his own derogatory nickname: “Sleeping Bob.”

President Trump focused on defending his own accomplishments and beliefs. He pushed for tougher borders, overstating the threat posed by violent gangs like MS-13 and making the murderous group a stand-in for all immigrants in the United States illegally.

He defended his kids-glove approach to both Presidents Kim and Putin, saying, “it would be a good thing, not a bad thing” to have warmer relations with the hostile powers and dismissing the talk that meeting with the autocrats elevated them on the world stage.

He hammered the Democratic leadership of Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (NY)and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) and suggested that his frequent foe Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is “the new Star” of the party.

He lauded the booming economy and said that his blue-collar supporters in states like Pennsylvania were the biggest beneficiaries.

Looking ahead to his Y 2020 re-election campaign, voicing his new slogan, “Keep America Great Again” and musing whether he wanted Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) aka “Pocahontas,” or Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), whom he dubbed “Crazy Bernie” as his opponent.

Just 95 days till the Mid-Term elections, be sure to Vote!






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