President Trump ‘Fears no Man’

President Trump ‘Fears no Man’

President Trump ‘Fears no Man’

President Donald Trump is fearless, said Reince Priebus, the former White House Chief of Staff.

“President Trump is not Bush 43 or Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. He is a guy who fears nothing; he fears no man. And he’s about as tough as it gets,” Priebus said Tuesday.

President Trump makes decisions quickly, Mr. Priebus said.

“The President is not overly patient to the point of allowing a process to slow down a decision-making process… he is a person who, at some point, after three months of talking about the Paris agreement, is going to make a decision,” he said, referring to the US exiting the Paris Climate Accord.

“I had a co-equal… I would prefer a President choosing 1 person in power, complete authority within the West Wing,” he said.

The former Chief of Staff defended the President against claims that he is racist.

“I think he should highlight his actions throughout his life that show a person that is not a racist-type person, he is not a bigot. I never experienced that, by the way, with the President.”

President Trump is a leader

“I think as more opportunities come, which hopefully they do not, but if more opportunities come where he can lead in tragic moments, he’ll be able to hit that, and hit it out of the park. I know he can — his heart’s in the right place.”



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