President Trump Exits Iran Deal, Seeks Regime Change Now

President Trump Exits Iran Deal, Seeks Regime Change Now

President Trump Exits Iran Deal, Seeks Regime Change Now

By exiting participation in the JCPOA (the Iran Deal) President Trump is applying heavy pressure on the fundamentalist Islamist Iran regime.

Last Tuesday, President Trump ended his announcement by directly addressing the people of Iran saying:

“The future of Iran belongs to its people. There has been enough suffering, death and destruction- let it end now.”

Under the JCPOA Iran was able to pursues nukes with international legitimization and funding, that is over.

Now comes President Trump and his plan for Iran.

Iran will now be subject to US sanctions, diplomatic pressure, and domestic unrest if it continues its nuclear pursuit beyond power plants.

With this action, the Islamist regime in Iran will likely crack and crumble when the new sanctions are imposed by the US.

Officials of the Paris-based National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI) claim that the popular uprising which started last December in many parts of Iran is gathering momentum.

In April alone there were 450 separate protests in 31 provinces across Iran according to NCRI.

On 1 May, International Workers Day (the Marxist holiday), tens of thousands took to the streets in 19 cities with banners that read: “Think of us, not Syria,” according to the NCRI.

The protests, which involve the working classes, the regime’s former power base, started because of the JCPOA.

The Iranian people have not profited from the billions of dollars in sanctions relief received after the implementation of the nuclear deal.

On the contrary

Poverty has increased in the Islamic Republic since the beginning of Y 2016, when the JCPOA was implemented and the country’s currency, the Riyal, is now in free fall.

“We believe this year is decisive. These protests are of deep concern to the regime, and we predict it will go within two years,” Hossein Abedini, a spokesman for the NCRI, said in Paris.

As he spoke, former IAEA deputy head Olli Heinonen delivered the evidence for Mogherini’s claim that the nuclear agency inspections regime in Iran has resulted in full Iranian compliance with the JCPOA is a lie.

“Let’s be clear – no one from the IAEA has ever said it has been able to carry out the level of inspections required under the terms of this agreement,” Dr. Olli Heinonen said last Saturday.

His admission was followed by the news that Tero Varjoranta, chief of inspections of the IAEA, had suddenly resigned. The UN watchdog gave no reason for Varjoranta’s sudden resignation and departure.

Iran is now threatening to publish the names of all Western officials who were bribed to pass the JCPOA.

Stay tuned…

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