President Trump, “Dems Advocating for ‘Large-Scale Crime'”

President Trump, “Dems Advocating for ‘Large-Scale Crime

President Trump, “Dems Advocating for ‘Large-Scale Crime'”

US President Donald Trump accused Democrats of wanting “large-scale crime” in a series of Tweets Monday evening.

As President Trump continues his push to bolster security at the United States’ southern border with Mexico, he had this to say: ‘Illegal immigration is a national security problem…the Democrats want open borders and large scale crime…”

Sunday, President Trump threatened to shut down the government if Democrats are not willing to help pass border security legislation that would include funding for a border wall. He also wants the legislation to overhaul the nation’s immigration system to get rid of practices such as the visa lottery system and catch and release.

Shutting down the federal government is a no win situation for the Dems.



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