President Trump Committed to Righting the Wrongs of Hussein Obama

President Trump Committed to Righting the Wrongs of Hussein Obama

President Trump Committed to Righting the Wrongs of Hussein Obama

  • Barack Obamacare is head for the shredder in the Oval Office.

Tuesday, The Trump Administration proposed to repeal former President Barack Hussein Obama’s sweeping plan for paring Greenhouse gas emissions, opening a window for a revival of coal-fired electricity.

The formal rollback of the Clean Power Plan goes a step further in shredding the legacy of Mr. Hussein Obama.

“We are committed to righting the wrongs of The Obama Admin by cleaning the regulatory slate,” EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said.

The Clean Power Plan dictated specific carbon-cutting targets for states based on a complex formula tied to their Y 2012 power plant emissions, and then gave them broad latitude to decide how to achieve those reductions, such as retiring coal-fired plants, adding renewable power, and promoting energy conservation.

The initiative, which was designed to cut US CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by 32% from Y 2005 levels byY  2030 never actually took effect because the US Supreme Court put it on hold in February 2016.

With its proposed repeal Tuesday, President Trump’s EPA is siding with the plan’s critics in arguing that it dictated overly broad changes to the US energy system, rather than setting mandates on specific power plants.

The agency is not committing to writing a new regulation governing Greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Instead, it will formally ask the public to weigh in on whether a replacement is warranted, and, if so, how it should be designed.

“Any replacement rule will be done carefully, properly, and with humility, by listening to all those affected by the rule,” Secretary Pruitt said.

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