President Trump, a “Champion for Women”

President Trump, a “Champion for Women”

President Trump, a “Champion for Women”

Donald J. Trump is a Doer, not a talker

Donald Trump employs more women than men at the upper echelons of his real estate empire, and in many cases pays them more.

Last week Michael Cohen, President Trump’s General Counsel and an EVP at Trump Organization, said that while the billionaire’s companies employ 57% men and 43%women, “there are more female executives at the Trump Organization than there are male.”

“And women who are similarly situated in positions similar to that of their male counterparts, are actually paid more,” Mr. Cohen said.

President Trump has come under scrutiny for comments he has about women.

President Trump “cherishes” women and that he is a progressive on the issue of employing women at the Top levels of his companies.

For example

In senior accounting, the male is in the $70,000 range and the female is slightly greater than that.

In the legal department where the Assistant General Counsel makes $25,000 more than her male counterpart.

All of this talk against our President by women, as we heard this weekend is just talk.

Donald Trump is a doer, and he doesn’t do it because the pollsters tell him to do it. He does it because it’s inherent to him. It’s right and he doesn’t care, again, if your name is Mary or Joe. He wants performance. He’s a performance-based individual.”

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