President Trump Cannot “Fix” 20 yrs of Problems in 100 Days

President Trump Cannot “Fix” 20 yrs of Problems in 100 Days

President Trump Cannot “Fix” 20 yrs of Problems in 100 Days

A former Ronald Reagan adviser, Larry Kudlow, is urging any impatience investors to just give President Donald Trump to fully enact his strategies to reform healthcare, spark economic growth and redesign the tax system.

After all, President Trump has been in office just under 100 days (12 weeks) and has inherited a mountain of problems building up over the past 20 years+.

“He’s trying to fix a lot of problems that have gone unfixed in the last 20 years,” Mr. Kudlow said on TV Friday.

“He still wants tax reform and healthcare reform. Those are big issues for him.” he said. “He’s been in 80 days, give him a chance.”

“He does want to rebuild infrastructure. He wants lower corporate tax rates where there’s incentives in Washington. That would be the best pro-growth thing, pro-competition thing we could do,” he explained.

“I’m going to give Trump credit even though it’s unfinished, for heaven’s sake, he’s been in office less than 100 days. He wants to get rid of a major entitlement which could bankrupt the nation” in repealing Obamacare.”

It will get done

Mr. Kudlow also urged anyone impatient to give the President a chance to fully enact his pro-growth economic blueprint.

“Growth solves a lot problems. That’s always been my Mantra,” said Mr. Kudlow, who worked as President Reagan’s budget deputy between Y’s 1981 and 1985.

“When I say growth, I don’t mean government growth. I mean private sector, incentives, initiatives, rewards, entrepreneurship, business start-ups. That’s the heart of America. New things,” he said. “I don’t fear robots. I don’t fear artificial intelligence,” said Mr. Kudlow, who was a key architect of Trump’s tax platform and an early supporter of his campaign.

Mr. Kudlow defended a the shift of opinion the President made this week after President Trump accused China during last year’s election campaign of manipulating its currency to gain the upper hand in trade and vowed to label the country a manipulator on his 1st day.

“One reversal I like very much is the currency manipulation. There’s no evidence that China has manipulated,” Mr. Kudlow said

“Since the original link to the dollar back in 1994, the Yuan is up 40% or 50% and in the last year spent a trillion dollars defending the Yuan so I’m glad he saw that. That’s a fact based changed and glad he did that. That reversal was good.”

“Honesty is the 1st chapter in the Book of Wisdom.” — Thomas Jefferson

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