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President Trump Will Not Postpone Rallies Due to the Virus


Sunday morning President Trump Tweeted praise for his administration’s response to the virus, which he called a “perfectly coordinated and fine tuned plan,” and blame for the MSM, which he said was “doing everything possible to make us look bad.”

The President told reporters Saturday night that he will not be postponing his political rallies, which can attract upwards of 15,000 attendees, and was not concerned about the virus getting closer to the White House.

President Trump downplays the risk from the virus, and questions the authority of some public health experts. 

Friday, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the President, told reporters that the virus is “being contained.” Plus, Top economic adviser Larry Kudlow said the virus “looks relatively contained” and that “the vast majority of Americans are not at risk for this virus.”

In a TV interview the US SG Adams urged “facts over fear.

Sunday, the US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the nation is in a “mitigation” phase in fighting the coronavirus outbreak. In the TV interview SG Adams urged “facts over fear.

Initially we had a posture of containment so we could give people time to prepare for where we are right now,” he said. “Now we are shifting into a mitigation phase which means we’re helping communities understand, you are going to see more cases. Unfortunately you’re going to see more deaths. 

I want Americans to understand the novel coronavirus is a respiratory virus that comes from a family of virus that cause the common cold, MERS and SARS. We have successfully handled those in the past. In 80% of cases, it causes a mild disease. We want to focus on who is at risk and what people can do to protect themselves.

Average age of death for people from coronavirus is 80. Average age of people who need medical attention is age 60.

We want people who are older, people who have medical conditions, to take steps to protect themselves including avoiding crowded spaces, including thinking carefully about whether now is the time to get on that cruise ship, whether now is the time to take that long haul flight. For most people, you’ll be fine. If you have medical conditions, or you are older, now is the time to rethink that.”

SG Adams noted that The Trump Administration feels “pretty good that some parts of the country have contained the virus.”

President Trump says he is not concerned “at all” about the coronavirus getting closer to the White House after the nation’s capital reported its 1st case Saturday.

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser said testing at the public health lab of the DC Department of Forensic Sciences yielded its 1st presumptive positive coronavirus case.

Friday, the political group AIPAC said 2 people who attended its Washington conference this past week have tested positive for coronavirus.

The White House has taken greater control over official messages on the coronavirus from government health officials following the vice President’s appointment of VP Pence to lead the US response to the outbreak

President Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead the US response earlier this week, and VP Pence reportedly made it clear after meeting with the coronavirus task force, which includes several Top public health officials in the country, that they report to him, and that all public statements and appearances on the virus must be coordinated with his office.

President Trump said his administration has done an “incredible job” preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The US has 15 people who contracted the virus “instead of thousands of people,” President Trump told reporters Thursday at the White House, adding that most are better.

He credited the administration’s decision to close borders, meaning restrictions on travelers from China.

President Trump praised his administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis Wednesday before announcing on Twitter that he would hold a press conference to address the nation on the issue at 6:00p EST.

The President, in an earlier Tweet, said he had meetings and calls, as well as a briefing, scheduled during the day to deal with the issue.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham retweeted a CDC post that said “there is currently no reported community spread” of coronavirus in the US

In the tweet, the CDC advised people to take the usual precautions to avoid spreading the virus, such as staying home when sick and washing hands with soap and water.

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