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President Trump Calls Greenland Purchase “Interesting”

President Trump said buying Greenland would be “a large real estate deal” that could ease a huge financial burden on Denmark, which administers the island.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has ruled out any sale to the US.

Strategically it’s interesting and we would be interested, but we will talk to them a little bit,” President Trump said Sunday, a deal is “not #1 on the burner.”

President Trump noted that Denmark loses almost $700-M a year overseeing the massive ice-covered island with about 58,000 residents.

It’s hurting Denmark very badly,” he said.

Essentially it’s a large real estate deal,” President Trump added. “A lot of things can be done.”

The President is due to visit Denmark next month, but on Sunday said he’s not sure if there would be in person discussion about a deal.

Danish officials have been adamant about No Sale since reports emerged last week that President Trump had directed advisers and lawyers to review a possible deal.

“Greenland is not for sale, Greenland isn’t Danish, Greenland is Greenlandic,” PM Frederiksen said Sunday during a visit to Greenland, according to local newspaper. “I keep trying to hope that this isn’t something that was seriously meant.

Larry Kudlow, head of the National Economic Council, Sunday said Greenland is a “strategic place” rich in valuable minerals and that discussions are continuing.

The President, who knows a thing or two about buying real estate, wants to take a look at a potential Greenland purchase,” Mr. Kudlow said Sunday on TV.

Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but has extensive home rule, and has been struggling for 300 years under Denmark’s colonization. President Trump is due to visit Denmark on 2-3 September.

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