President Trump Bested the ‘Elites’, He Became President

President Trump Bested the ‘Elites’, He Became President

President Trump Bested the ‘Elites’, He Became President

US President Donald Trump lauded his intelligence at rally in Ohio Saturday, saying he’s “better than everything that they have been, including this,” while pointing to his brain.

The President made an appearance at the Lewis Center during a “Make America Great Again” rally to stump for Troy Balderson, who is in contention for a House seat to fill the remaining months of former Representative Pat Tiberi’s term.

President Trump was talking about “the elite” and how he beat them all in the 2016 Presidential election.

“Let them keep calling it,” he said, referring to the upcoming elections.

President Trump told the crowd of supporters they were far more intelligent than the so-called elite.

“You go to the best schools. You do a tremendous job. You own companies. You work for tremendous salaries. You are talented with your hands and your mind. Then you hear, ‘The elite has just said.’ The elite? More elite than me? I’m better than everything that they have been. And I became President and they didn’t.

“And it’s driving them crazy,” he added.

The President suggested that the Wall along the US-Mexico border is already being built, and that the US military will soon be “stronger than it has ever been before.”

“We are building the wall. Don’t worry,” he said. “We have already started. We are building our wall and have started. We are doing things that people don’t even know about. We are defending our Constitution. We are taking care of our great vets. Our military will soon  be stronger than it has ever been before, and the forgotten men and women of the United States are forgotten, no more.”

The President hammered CNN and MSNBC, prompting cheers of, “CNN Sucks,” from the crowd.

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