President Trump: “Back Maduro Risk Losing Everything”

President Trump: “Back Maduro Risk Losing Everything”

Monday, President Trump signaled that socialism is on its way out and a “new day” is being ushered in for Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump addressed Venezuelans at Florida International University in Miami and discussed the growing crisis in the South American country.

“We are here to proclaim a new day is coming in Latin America. It is coming,” President Trump said to a round of applause.

“In Venezuela and across the western hemisphere, socialism is dying and liberty, prosperity, and democracy are being reborn. Today, our hearts are filled with hope because of the determination of millions of everyday Venezuelans, the patriotism of the Venezuelan National Assembly, and the incredible courage of Interim President Juan Guaido.”

President Guaido and his allies claim to have taken control of the poverty-stricken, socialist nation of Venezuela, although President Nicolas Maduro maintains that he remains in control of the country.

The United States and other western nations have recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s new leader.

“The people of Venezuela are standing for freedom and democracy and the United States of America is standing right by their side,” President Trump said,

First Lady Melania Trump offered a similar message:”In Venezuela, the people are on the brink of reclaiming their own liberty. Today, we must let the Venezuelan people hear us with a united voice. There is hope. We are free and we pray together loudly and proudly that soon the people of Venezuela will be free as well.”

President Trump’s speech was serious, particularly when he spoke about the US aid that is being prevented from entering Venezuela by the Maduro regime, which he said is starving its own people.

“He would rather see his people starve than give them aid, than help them,” President Trump said.

“Millions of Venezuelans are starving and suffering, while a small handful at the Top of the Maduro regime plunder the nation into poverty and into debt. We know who they are, and we know where they keep the billions of dollars that they have stolen.”

President Trump also fired off a warning to people who are helping keep Maduro in the Presidential palace: watch your back.

“You cannot hide from the choice that now confronts you,” said President Trump, who later ripped socialism as something that comes with big promises but only leads to poverty.

“President Guaido does not seek retribution against you, and neither do we. But you must not follow Maduro’s orders to block humanitarian aid and you must not threaten any form of violence against peaceful protesters.

The people who try to help Maduro stay in power “will find no safe harbor, no easy exit, and no way out. You will lose everything.”

Trump cautioned Venezuelan armed forces not to harm Guaido or other opposition politicians, urged them to accept the National Assembly leader’s offer of amnesty and demanded that they allow in food, medicine and other supplies.

President Guaido invoked constitutional provisions to declare himself the country’s leader last month said that aid will enter Venezuela from neighboring countries by land and sea Saturday.

If the opposition does not manage to bring it in then, it will try on following days, he said Monday.

The United States has had direct communications with members of Venezuela’s military urging them to abandon Maduro, a senior White House official told Reuters this month.

President Trump used his speech at Florida International University to deliver a direct condemnation of socialism, saying it was “dying” across the Western Hemisphere, and branded Maduro a “puppet” of communist-ruled Cuba.

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