President Trump Assures US Farmers, “tough choices now reap rewards down the road”

President Trump Assures US Farmers, “tough choices now reap rewards down the road”


Monday, President Trump defended his tough trade policies in front of thousands of American farmers, a Key constituency that has struggled because of his trade dispute with China, plus he promised fair trade deals that will put America’s rural heartland back on strong solid ground.

“We have taken the toughest ever actions to address China’s unfair trade practices,” President Trump told farmers in New Orleans at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention, an event he attended for the 2nd year running.

US farmers, numbering some 3.2-M, have been and continue to be reliable Trump supporters, despite Beijing having imposed a tariff on imports of US Soybean in July in retaliation for Us tariffs on Chinese goods.

“With China, every year for many years we’re losing $375-B. We are working on that very strong. You see what’s going on. Doing very well,” President Trump said.

“We are turning all of that around with fair trade deals that put American farmers, ranchers, and in fact America, 1st.”

“No one understands more than our farmers that the tough choices we make today will reap rewards down the road.”

The President authorized about $11-B in aid payments last year, billing it as a promise kept to a Key constituency.

The Trump Administration last week extended the deadline for aid applications because of the processing delays caused by the shutdown over the President’s demand that Congress fund a Wall at the border with Mexico.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) would like to reopen Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices, and is working with the Office of Management and Budget, Secretary Sonny Perdue said on TV Monday.

President Trump canceled a planned visit to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, next week, because of the shutdown.

“With everything going on, he came here to talk to us – to farmers,” said Francine Davies, who was at the convention and said most of her family grows crops and works in Wisconsin’s dairy industry. “That means something to us.”

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