President Trump, “America Will Win Like Never, Ever Before”

President Trump, “America Will Win Like Never, Ever Before”

President Trump, “America Will Win Like Never, Ever Before

President Donald Trump spoke about the GOP’s efforts to pass tax reform Wednesday, saying it will help the United States win again.

“If we do this, then America will win like never, ever before,” President Trump told a crowd in St. Charles, Missouri.

“Just three months ago, we came to this state to launch our plan to bring back Main Street by cutting taxes for American families and small businesses. Today, I’ve come back to this incredible state to spend an afternoon with its amazing citizens — you are amazing — to help push our plan for historic tax cuts across the finish line.”

President Trump’s speech drew several rounds of applause as he made the case for passing tax cuts and rattled off statistics that he said demonstrated his accomplishments.

The House recently passed tax reform legislation, while the Senate is working on a slightly different tax bill.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told his colleagues Wednesday that the chamber would vote on whether to open debate on the tax bill later in the day.

GOP leaders have expressed a desire to pass tax reform by the end of the year.

Trump said the current tax code “is a total dysfunctional mess.” And, he added that the proposed tax reform won’t benefit him personally.

“This will cost me a fortune. Believe me. Believe me, this is not good for me,” Trump said. “I have some very wealthy friends, [they’re] not so happy with me. That’s OK. I keep hearing [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer, ‘this is for the wealthy.’ Well, if it is, my friends don’t know about it.”

The President noted the GOP’s tax legislation would save an American family of 4 that makes $75,000 a year about $2,000 a year in taxes.

“You’re going to take that $2,000 and maybe you’ll save some and maybe you’ll spend some,” he said.

The GOP’s tax bill advanced out of the Senate Budget Committee  Tuesday via a 12-11 vote.

“It’s coming out of the hopper. It’s getting there,” Trump said.

President Trump closed his speech by explaining that Republicans’ plans to overhaul the nation’s tax code are “anti-offshoring and 100 percent worker, 100% pro-America.”

He exited the stage as the Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” played, likely a message to lawmakers who oppose the GOP’s tax legislation.

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