President Trump: “Afghanistan is the Harvard for Terrorists”

President Trump: “Afghanistan is the Harvard for Terrorists”

President Trump talking about goals of pulling troops out of Afghanistan, the longest running war in American history says he has to listen to his generals to stay, because it is “Harvard for terrorists.”

“I would like to just get out,” President Trump told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “The problem is it just seems to be a lab for terrorists. I call it the Harvard of terrorists.”

President Trump lamented the US winds up being “the policemen for the whole world,” as other world powers like Russia and China just focus on policing themselves, but he admitted “you have to watch” a terrorism breeding ground like Afghanistan.

“I would leave very strong intelligence there,” he said, even if the troops continue to get whittled back from the 9,000 he says are there now.

The President told Carlson he is listening to the advice of his “great generals,” “really talented military people.”

“‘Sir, I would rather attack them over there than attack them in our land,'” President Trump told Mr. Carlson of the advice he gets from generals.

Asked later in the interview whether his Administration might seek anti-trust action against tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Twitter – which he says are “totally against me,” the President answered, “I cannot say that, Tucker – that I cannot say.”

America First!

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