President Trump Achieving His Goals, MAGA

President Trump Achieving His Goals, MAGA

President Trump Achieving His Goals, MAGA

The Heritage Foundation Director of Congressional Relations Thomas Binion Wednesday lauded The Trump Administration’s success at implementing more than half its goals.

The Heritage Foundation had reported Tuesday that 64% of its “unique policy recommendations, that it had made had already been put in place by President Trump, at a rate faster than that of The Reagan Administration.

On Wednesday, Mr. Binion said that the Heritage Foundation had realized President Trump’s administration was on a roll with the Heritage Foundation’s agenda from the beginning, when President Trump rolled out numerous executive orders upon taking office.

Mr. Binion said, “There was one on immigration. There was one on Obamacare. Right away he started with that. Right away he started with a great Supreme Court justice nominee. So, you could tell that this was a president intent on keeping his promises right away that first week after January 20.”

There is still much work to be done, Binion said, including on Obamacare repeal.

“I think Congress could go back to Obamacare repeal for sure,” he said. “When they get to 50 votes in the Senate, they have got to do that. That’s a big promise. [They have] already got the individual mandate repealed in tax reform.”

Trump also supports welfare reform, said Mr. Binion, and if House Speaker Paul Ryan also supports that, “it could get done this year. That’s getting people out of poverty rather than leaving them dependent on the government, as the current system does.”

Binion admitted the Heritage Foundation had some concerns about Trump before he took office, but “you always have trepidations about any president.”

“We had the opportunity to brief this president eight times during the campaign,” said Mr. Binion, noting the Foundation offered its help with any policy analysis necessary.

“There are 70 alumni in The Trump Administration,” he said. “There is a lot of trust and collaboration there that we are proud of. This analysis shows exactly how conservative this President is.”

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