President Trump, “A war with Iran would not last very long.”

President Trump, “A war with Iran would not last very long.”

FLASH: “I do not think Iran has smart leadership at all,” President Trump said Wednesday. “Iran is going down the tubes.”

Should the United States goes to war with Iran, the conflict would not last long and would not involve boots on the ground, President Trump said Wednesday.

“We are in a very strong position if something should happen,” President Trump said on TV to a reporter when asked directly if the United States is going to war with Iran. “It would not last very long, I can tell you that.”

He said he is not “talking boots on the ground.”

“I’m not talking, we are not going to send a million soldiers,” President Trump said “I am saying if something would happen, it would not last very long.”

He also insisted, despite the attacks on a US drone and Crude Oil tankers, he has been “very nice” to Iran, pointing to his decision to call off a military strike late last week.

“They shot down our drone,” he said. “I decided not to kill a lot of Iranians. I know a lot of Iranians. I like Iranians so much, and that plays into your decision, too. They are human beings. They are people. I did not want to kill 150 people.”

President Trump added that his sanctions on Iran are “very biting,” and said that his actions against Iran are already working.

“When I took over, Iran was a terror. We had 14 to 18 sites of confliction,” he said. “Iran was behind every one of them. They want to take over the Middle East and were going to make it really very bad.”

President Trump responded to derogatory comments from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who called the White House “mentally retarded” over the more-strict sanctions that have been imposed.

“The White House actions mean it is mentally retarded,” President Rouhani said. “Tehran’s strategic patience does not mean we have fear.”

“I do not think they have smart leadership at all,” President Trump declared Wednesday. “Iran is going down the tubes.”

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