President Trump 2019: “Complete Wall at Border”

President Trump 2019: “Complete Wall at Border”

President Trump says the southern border is “like a sieve” need the Wall.

Early Tuesday US authorities fired tear gas into Mexico to repel about 150 invading migrants trying to breach the border at Tijuana.

President Trump spoke during a White House meeting with his Cabinet as the partial government shutdown runs into its 12th day.

Democrats in Congress and the President are at an impasse over funding for the Wall along the US-Mexico border.

President Trump said a complete Wall is needed, then people could not enter unless they were a “champion pole vaulter.”

Republican congressional leaders say the President asked them and Top Democrats to return to the White House Friday for a 2nd briefing on border security.

Incoming House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California told reporters that Homeland Security officials did not finish the briefing that the group attended Wednesday afternoon at the White House.

Mr. McCarthy said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer (NY) interrupted many times and that the President now wants them to return Friday.

He described the briefing as an opportunity for border officials to make their case to Democrats on the need for the Wall.

Thursday, Democrats will take control of the House and are expected to pass a bill to reopen the government without providing the $5.7-B President Trump has demanded.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) says he will not send a bill to President Trump that he will veto.

Stay tuned…

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