President Trump, 2 Years in the Oval Office Reshaped America

President Trump, 2 Years in the Oval Office Reshaped America

Just 2 years ago Donald J. Trump humbly became our President and brought the country back to The American People.

January 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day The People became the rulers of the USA again.

The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer…

America started winning again, and winning like never before.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama laughed and said it would take “a magic wand” to reach 4% GDP. 

We reached 4.2% GDP is short order

The Mainstream Media (MSM) mocked and continue to mock President saying his policies would not bring back jobs.

Our unemployment is now near the lowest since Y 1969.

Democrats and the Fake News said The Trump tax cuts would crash the economy. 

Today, we are seeing historic economic growth across the board.

President Trump has proven that our country is at its best when it is in the hands of The People.

There is nothing The People cannot accomplish with Strong conservative America First leadership.

The Congressional Democrats and MSM are desperate and will do anything to gain power in Y 2020.

That said we all need to stand united with our President, because this is our country, not that of progressive Marxist socialists.

Making an Keeping America Great!

Have a terrific Holiday weekend.

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Paul Ebeling

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