President Donald Trump: the Right Man, at the Right Time

President Donald Trump: the Right Man, at the Right Time

President Donald Trump: the Right Man, at the Right Time

  • Promises Made, Promises Kept, Laser Focused on Making America Great Again

A Supreme Court vacancy just opened, another, perhaps 2 coming, offering President Trump the unique opportunity to shape the court for decades.

The current court handed him 2 favorable rulings this week alone.

There’s a Russia Summit looming, promising headlines for a week or more.

A running series of welcomed events has given the President a barrier against negative headlines about administrative implementing lawful but hard-line US immigration policy.

“We are bringing back our beautiful American dreams,” President Trump declared Friday, as he used a celebratory East Room event with Top aides and business owners to showcase the $1.5-T tax package passed just 6 months ago.

He calls the US’ economic growth an “economic miracle.”

Lower unemployment, fewer claims for jobless benefits and many other positive economic indicators have expanded from the 8 year low growth, highly regulated anti-business Hussein Obama Era.

President Trump’s tax cuts adds strong stimulus to the economy, just a the Fed exits it QE policy.

Government agencies and analysts estimate the tax cuts will boost growth in both Y’s 2018 and 2019, then continue as some of the Key tax cuts are made permanent.

Looking ahead

President Trump is expected to announce his nominee to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court on 9 July and have a sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin, both events will bring huge headlines ahead of the NATO Summit in the EU

His recent Summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un won him buckets of TV coverage highlighting his stature on the world stage.

President Trump on Air Force One Friday evening briefed traveling reporters on the Supreme Court opening, saying, “It is exciting though, right? From day one, I’ve heard outside of war and peace, of course, the most important decision you make is the selection of a Supreme Court judge — if you get it.”

During his amazing Presidency, President Trump has seen some headwinds. setbacks. Which he managed deftly.

The Barack Obamacare law went down to defeat, but that is not over yet, and attack by XXXXStormy Daniels and her profiteering lawyer to pump a non issue about an alleged 1 night stand, and the annoyance of a special prosecutor investigation into the notion of Russia’s role in the 2016 Presidential election.

Nevertheless President Trump has focused on the Business of America and he welfare of Americans across the land, and he has consistently maintained backing from his supporters.

Overall, 41% of Americans approve of the job President Trump is doing as President, while 57%, according to a recent AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey.

That positive rating has held steady since March 2018, other polls has his approval rate higher.

The crowd at the rally went wild!

Filling a Supreme Court vacancy is a welcome opportunity for any President.

The retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81 anni, gives President Trump the ability to lock in a conservative majority that could endure long after his presidency has ended.

After President Trump’s sweeping tax overhaul, his successful nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the court last year was significant achievement, affirming the unifying role that Supreme Court politics have played for Republicans.

He benefits from good timing in Justice Kennedy’s decision to step down now.

Now with Justice Gorsuch in place we can expect the court to generous to President Trump’s causes.

This past week, the court upheld his travel ban on visitors from several majority countries branded as terrorists, and followed that up with a ruling on union fees that was long sought by conservatives.

The President also is pushing an aggressive trade dialogue with G-7 allies, and moved ahead with plans to impose steep tariffs on Chinese goods.

Notably, in past 2 weeks the G-7, the economic confrontation with China, the travel ban, the border and the Supreme Court vacancy, among other events, point directly to the vital and historic nature of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

During the week President Trump came out for Gov. Henry McMaster (R:SC), one of his earliest supporters, holding a rally in the State just hours before a tight runoff election. After The Trump Rally, Gov. McMaster clinched the Victory.

Also, President Trump picked up a win in a NY congressional district, Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY), a member of the House Democratic leadership team viewed as a potential House Speaker, was defeated in his primary campaign by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28 anni, a former Bernie Sanders campaign organizer, the rise of Ms Ocasio-Cortez helps President Trump identify Democrats as supporters of socialist healthcare and economic policies.

There are some concerns

We expect that the coming NATO Summit will turn contentious, like President Trump’s no nonsense showdown at the G-7, and he will make the NATO member tow the line and pay up or the US will ankle the alliance.

And some worry he could give up too much in his meeting next month with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. President Trump is a businessman and a good relationship with President Putin is good business.

President Trump is the kinda guy that no matter what he does, and what happen, he wins. He is confident, and he believes in good fortune.

Trump has long believed in good fortune, writing, “What you need, generally, is enough time and a little luck.”


Have a terrific weekend.

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