President Donald Trump Starts Official State Visit to China

President Donald Trump Starts Official State Visit to China

President Donald Trump Starts Official State Visit to China

US President Donald Trump arrived in Beijing Wednesday afternoon, starting his state visit to China.

The 3-day trip is Trump’s 1st visit to the country since he assumed the Presidency on 20 January. He is the 1st head of state to visit China since the landmark 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China concluded on 24 October.


This state visit is creating a Key opportunity for the 2 countries to strengthen their bi-lateral cooperation that could also help shape a better future for the world.

The Chinese national congress has charted an ambitious plan to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by Y 2021, aiming to improve the lives of all Chinese, particularly those living under the national poverty line.

China is transitioning its economy from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development, setting a higher standard for the economic transformation.

In the US, The Trump Administration is tackling challenges facing its economy, like restoring its manufacturing industries and spurring job creation.

President Trump has set specific goals, including a 3% GDP growth, improving America’s collapsing infrastructure, and shrinking trade deficits.

To achieve their targets, both Presidents, China’s Xi and the United States’s Donald Trump, the world’s 2 largest economies and each other’s Top trade partners, have no choice but to work more closely because of their highly intertwined economic and trade interests.

In Y 2016, their 2-way goods trade was worth $578.6-B, while 2-way FDI (foreign direct investment) passed $60-B.

Now, both countries need a stable and peaceful environment at the national, regional and international levels for their continuous economic development.

Beijing and Washington are required to deepen their trust and enhance cooperation on major regional and international issues.

On the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, a diplomatic settlement is in line with the vital stakes of all relevant parties, including China and the United States.

Unchecked NKorea’s hostile policies, harsh rhetoric and military muscle flexing would offset any effort to reignite the hope for Real Deal negotiation.

Therefore, China and the United States, as well as other regional countries, must work together, not against each other, to at least cool down the situation 1st.

Cooperation mechanisms can be established not only between the 2 governments, and among their private sectors, academia and society.

Over the past year, Presidents’ Xi and Trump have maintained close communication by either face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations or message exchanges. This has helped the 2 national leaders gain a better personal understanding of each other going forward.

President Trump’s visit is an opportunity for the 2 leaders to review the achievements made in bi-lateral ties, exchange opinions on their differences, and outline next steps to deepen their cooperation.

If China and the United States seek to and uphold mutual benefit in their cooperation on equal grounds, they can work together to achieve greater gains, not only for the common prosperity of the whole world.

Stay tuned…

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