President Donald Trump Ramping Plans to Eradicate ISIS

President Donald Trump Ramping Plans to Eradicate ISIS

President Donald Trump Ramping Plans to Eradicate ISIS

US President Donald Trump gave the Pentagon 30 days to plan its attack to eradicate ISIS and the White House received the report Monday, which detailed ramped up forces and involvement in the Islamic State capital of Raqqa.

The “military’s favored” plan, among “several variations” reportedly rolls back military restrictions imposed by President Barack Hussein-Obama in addition to increasing “Special Operations forces, attack helicopters and artillery, and arms supplies to the main Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighting force on the ground,” officials said.

A proposal in the plan lifts the Hussein-Obama-imposed cap of “500 Special Operations trainers and advisers to the combined Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF), which reportedly will not put Americans on the ground of the front line, but put them closer and “delegate more decision-making authority down the military line from Washington.”

So far, US Defense Secretary James Mattis has continued the Hussein-Obama Admin plan in the region, but Syrian Arab-Kurdish forces are closing in on Raqqa.

“Rather than a wholesale revision, the new proposal calls for increased US participation, with more personnel and equipment and less-restrictive rules,” according to reports.

“As they have in support of the Iraqi military in Mosul, US fixed-wing aircraft and attack helicopters would actively back the ground force. US owned and operated artillery would be moved into Syria to pound the militants from afar, while more Special Operations troops would move closer to the front lines, requiring more US military assets to protect them.”

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