President Donald Trump Is Boosting US Economy

President Donald Trump Is Boosting US Economy

President Donald Trump Is Boosting US Economy

President Donald Trump’s 1st pick for US Secretary of Labor, Anthony Puzder, said The Trump Administration is having many positive effects on the nation’s economy.

The most important indicator is the rise in household income, which gained more in the 1st Q of The Trump Presidency than during the entire 7.5 years of the Obama recovery.

Median household income has surged $1,300 since the beginning of the year to $59,361, compared with a $1,000 gain during The Obama Era.

“President Trump’s focus on reining in the administrative state has significantly reduced both the number of existing regulations and the output of new regulations, driving business optimism,” Mr. Puzder said in an opinion piece published Friday.

“Unlike policies that increase the oppressiveness of government, policies that incentivize business growth (like deregulation) produce jobs, opportunity and prosperity.”

Mr. Puzder said more work needs to be done to improve the skills of people who want to get jobs.

“In May there were 5.6-M Americans who were not in the labor force that ‘want a job now.’ One major obstacle they face is what experts call the ‘skills gap,’ or too few laborers with the skills needed for the open positions,” he said. “To address this concern, President Trump is emphasizing workforce development.”

President Trump plans to boost support for apprenticeship programs and accreditation for vocational training so that people can qualify for jobs without wasting money on a 4-year liberal arts college degree.

“Working with the private sector to train Americans for the jobs that exist will help get people back into the workforce,” Mr. Puzder said.

There are 6-M good paying jobs on offer in America that are going unfilled because the skilled labor is not available, The Trump Apprenticeship Program addressed that Key labor force need.

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