President Awarding the National Medal of Arts to Jon Voight

President Awarding the National Medal of Arts to Jon Voight

Jon Voight will be awarded the prestigious National Medal of Arts by President Trump, the White House announced Monday.

Voight won an Oscar for best actor in the 1978 movie “Coming Home” and starred in “Midnight Cowboy,” the 1969 film that won an Academy Award for best picture.

Mr. Voight is also 1 of President Trump’s vocal backers in Hollywood. He has praised him as the “greatest President of this century” and often lashes out at the Democratic opposition.

Although the honor has previously been given annually, this is the 1st time the White House has done so since President Trump became President.

President Trump has largely been shunned by Hollywood.

The President has also not attended such social gatherings as the annual Kennedy Center gala in Washington after some honorees said they would not attend if the President participated in the ceremony.

The White House also announced 3 other recipients of the National Medal of Arts, they are Alison Krauss, Sharon Percy Rockefeller and The Musicians of the United States Military.

Four recipients of the National Humanities Medal were also declared, with the honor going to The Claremont Institute, Teresa Lozano Long, Patrick O’Connell and James Patterson.

President Trump will award the medals during a ceremony at the White House Thursday.

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