Predictions for 2017, The Dawning ‘Age of Trumpism’

Predictions for 2017, The Dawning ‘Age of Trumpism’

Predictions for 2017, The Dawning ‘Age of Trumpism’

The entire world is about to change, we are living a Key reversal in the Pattern

There is a wave of anti-socialist, anti PC, anti-diversity, anti-entitlement, anti-establishment of the past 70 years is washing across the world now.

On 16 June 2015 I wrote in this column that Donald J. Trump would be our next President, some of my Democrat friend wanted to be against that view, I was polite, declining, I do not make bets.

There is no introduction to my predictions for Y 2017 other than sensibility and keen observation of the Happenings, since the Election of Donald Trump as our President, so here they are straight forward and unvarnished, in no particular order, as follows

  1. The  ‘New World Order’ as visualized by GHWB, et al has run its course.
  2. Liberals, Progressive, Socialist are now is Fail Mode world wide.
  3. The happenings in the world are mathematically predictable, this is the 4th Industrial Revolution, thus ruling Black Swans.
  4. As a nation, Americans will overall be fully supportive of  President Donald Trump
  5. T NY-T’s will continue its decline but Faster, and  Carlos Slim will take the controlling interest and reverse its political direction.
  6. CNN and MSNBC have lost the battle to Fox Cable News and will soon change out its commentators who are now fully discredited.
  7. EU is seeing the right wing ascend as the socialist experiment of single currency has failed, and now that Donald Trump in power transformation to nationalism will quicken. The French will go back to the Franc. Germany will shift right as the refugees create social, crime and fiscal issues, Ms.Angela Merkel will be ousted. Brussels will be Neutered.
  8. ISIS will be destroyed as it tries to wage war in Europe via more terror attacks.
  9. Barack Hussein-Obamacare is replaced with some type of more free market plan that Paul Ryan and the GOP Congress has ready to implement.
  10. US corporate taxes will be reduced 15 to 20%, personal taxes will also be reduced, estate taxes will be removed or reduced.
  11. All of former President Barack Hussein-Obama’s executive orders will be reversed
  12. Regulation put in place by Hussein-Obama will be cancelled.
  13. The US Supreme Court will get a conservative justice now.
  14. Justice Ginsburg will be asked to resign, she will.
  15. The Court will decide by what strict constructionists think the constitution says, not otherwise.
  16. America will be pro-business again..
  17. All sanctuary cities will lose funding.
  18. Our Southern Border be secured, Mexico will support and pay for The Wall
  19. Illegals who are Gang members will be rounded up arrested and deported. We know who and where they are.
  20. NAFTA will be revised. Neither, Canada or Mexico will defy President Donald Trump.
  21. Defense spending will ramp up by huge numbers: weapons spend will increase and over 200-K will be added to our military. Creating jobs, jobs, and more jobs.
  22. Our police will come to be respected once more.
  23. Racial strife will end as President Trump moves to build charter schools, and rebuild the Black ghettos in our major cities
  24. Families of the thugs like Brown and Travon will no longer be honored. The police who did away with the thugs will be honored.
  25. Transgender anything will fade
  26. The Rules of Engagement will be changed to kill the enemy, and take no prisoners not to cater to political correctness.
  27. A friendly relation will come about between the US and Russia.
  28. The Iranian nuclear deal will be shredded, and heavy sanctions will be leveled on Iran again.
  29. RE developers win as the EPA will neutered.
  30. Climate change legislation is dead as the Paris Pact is disavowed and abandoned.
  31. PC on college campuses will be pressured to end, there will be lingering protests.
  32. Paul Ryan will remain as Speaker of the House of  Representatives as long as he stays aligned with the White House.
  33. The stock market will continue its Northside trend, the SEC will downsize and capital formation will be begin again for small business.
  34. Inflation will rise, interest rates will rise, GDP will rise, corporate profits will rise, and banks will again begin to lend
  35. An infrastructure program will be instituted, and private capital will participate,
  36. Hollywood and the Press will have to get over all of the above.
  37. Hill, Billy and their ragtags will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, many will go to prison.

If you do not see this yet, just look at what President Trump has done in just 7 days since the Ingratiation.

Pay attention, tune out the noise, and faddish thinking, look at thing around you objectively as our world just changed dramatically, I believe for the better.

Ooh Rah & Semper fi

America First

Have a terrific weekend.

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