Power Restored to All Customers in NYC

Power Restored to All Customers in NYC

Power restored after NYC transformer fire causes blackout in part of Manhattan, officials said early Sunday.

Electricity was restored to thousands of customers in New York City on Saturday evening after an outage that knocked out traffic lights, stalled elevators and limited subway service.

Just before midnight, Con Edison CEO John McAvoy said in a news conference that all 73,000 customers affected by the outage in Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side had power restored. At its peak, the outage affected an area from 71st Street south to 42nd Street and east from the West Side Highway to Fifth Avenue.

New York City power outage, this is what we know so far, as Follows:

  • Con Edison CEO John McAvoy said about 72,000 customers were affected at the height of the outage
  • 8th Ave. is closed from 42nd St. to 72nd St.
  • The cause is still under investigation.
  • Four subway stations were left without power and several subway lines were not running. 
  • Several Broadway productions canceled Saturday night’s shows, but some actors took to the streets to perform.

Parts of New York City went dark Saturday in a massive power outage that affected 72,000 customers at its height, the CEO of New York City’s utility company, Con Edison, said.

John McAvoy said the cause was still under investigation, but said it was unlikely to be a manhole fire or an excessive load of power. 

The power went out at 6:47p from West 42nd St. to West 72nd St. and from 5th Ave. west to the Hudson River. As of 10:30p, 5 of the 6 networks had been restored, Mr. McAvoy said. 

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