Populists Changing EU, Elections Coming

Populists Changing EU, Elections Coming

FLASH: French police fired tear gas to disperse protesters who threw projectiles and set bins on fire in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux on Saturday, as the 14th straight weekend of “yellow vest” protests took a violent turn Saturday afternoon.

The failed socialist EU experiment under siege

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen feels she is now part of a movement of populist parties on the rise across Europe.

With less than 100 days until elections to the European Parliament, Ms. Le Pen thinks together they can make new inroads, and start restructuring the EU from within.

At a news conference Friday, Le Pen said “things have changed a lot” and that she and her renamed National Rally party “no longer” feel isolated in Europe.

She noted parties of the same ilk are now holding or sharing power, from the League in Italy, which is part of the government, to Austria with its far-right chancellor, Sebastian Kurz.

She claimed that “we can legitimately envision today to change Europe from inside … because we consider ourselves powerful enough.”

Poll: More than 50% of French people want the “yellow vests” to end their sometimes violent anti-government protests, with many believing demonstrators still marching through cities each weekend no longer reflect the group’s early demands.

The survey by respected pollster Elabe published late Wednesday showed 56% think the movement should call off the weekly protests, an increase of 11% from a month earlier and the 1st time they have been a majority.

While a majority of people support the movement, 67% believe those still protesting each weekend in Paris and other cities are not representative of its early ambitions.

The “yellow vests” have posed the greatest challenge to the authority of President Macron, 41 anni, who has made costly tax concessions and last month launched a 2-month national debate, promising policy change that address voter grievances.

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