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“Polls Showing Donald Trump Losing to the masked Joe Biden are ‘Fake'”


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President Trump said at the White House Tuesday that he’s doing better than anyone realizes in his quest for reelection.  

President Trump criticized polls that currently show him an average of nearly 10 pts behind Joe Biden nationally and says there is a “silent majority” that backs him.

He also pointed to boat parades in Florida and biker groups led by his supporters as evidence of his popularity. 

“You look at the Intracoastal in Florida, you look at the lakes, you see thousands of boats with Trump signs, American signs,” the President said at the end of press conference.

You look at what’s going on, you look at bikers for miles and miles riding up highways proudly with their signs.

President Trump’s press conference Tuesday was about the steps his Administration has taken to strike back against China as it assert control over Hong Kong, a municipality that has traditionally enjoyed a measure of independence from Beijing’s autocratic 1-party system. 

President Trump described China’s handling of Hong Kong as “oppressive.” He also suggested an Executive Order he signed Tuesday ending preferential treatment for the Chinese territory, as well as various tariffs he has imposed, would stop Beijing from “taking advantage” of the US And he criticized China’s handling of the virus chaos, which originated there.

He criticized former VP Biden’s handling of China as too lenient. 

He also pointed to the policy recommendations crafted for Mr. Biden by a Democratic group that included supporters of progressive socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, (I-Vt) who ran against and lost to the ex-Vice President in the Democratic primary.

The President noted that Mr Biden has “gone radical left” and described him as “really bizarre.” and hammered New York City and state for its handling of the C-19 coronavirus. 

The President vowed he would turn his electoral chances “around for a 2nd time” and said it would “happen very quickly” because, as the economy will continue to rebound following the devastating impact of the initial virus chaos lockdowns. 

I think by Election Day you’re going to see some incredible numbers…next year is going to be one of the best economic years,” President Trump said. 

He predicted the public will credit him for an economic recovery in the wake of the C-19 coronavirus. 

So, hopefully I will be able to be the President where we say look at the great job I did.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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