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“Politicians Shut Businesses, Not Coronavirus”

Wednesday, economist Stephen Moore rebuffed a TV host during an interview chastising him for an assertion that the country’s current ongoing financial slump was caused by the C-19 coronavirus chaos.

I just want to correct you on 1 thing,” Mr. Moore said near the end of a discussion. “You said it was the coronavirus that shut down these businesses. It was not. It was the act of politicians that shut down their economy needlessly and made a lot of these business go bankrupt.

And most of them are in Blue states.”

The comments by Mr. Moore, a former economic adviser to President Donald Trump, cited statistics that showed 4,000 businesses across the US already have closed this year out of 25,000 that are predicted to close. That was compared to 9,300 stores that closed in Y 2019.

A lot of these retail stores that may not make it, retail was in a lot of danger before coronavirus, and before the rioting, but these were literally and figuratively kerosene on the fire,” Mr. Moore said. “And so unfortunately, and it is heartbreaking to see stores and many shops on Main Street, USA, are going to go bankrupt.

By the way, how was it fair, I have never had an explanation for it, how was it fair that you were allowed to go into a Walmart, but you couldn’t go into the local hardware store? That never made any sense. It discriminated the small businessman and woman.”

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