Politicians in Australia Incite African Gangs

Politicians in Australia Incite African Gangs

Politicians in Australia Incite African Gangs

Politicians in Australia and Sudanese Community Leaders are directly responsible for the African Gang violence in Australia.

Australian Politicians this week voted against a simple motion that it was “OK to be White” sending a clear message to the African Gangs that White Australians are fair game.

Politicians and Sudanese Community Leaders continually make excuses for African Gangs, the Judiciary hold these criminals in some privileged category and no one in the system is holding these African Gang members accountable for their actions under Australian law.

The media actively hide the fact that African Gang violence is out of control.

There is a serious problem with African Gangs in Australia

Sudanese-born people in Victoria constituted less than 0.1 per cent of the population, but were responsible for “well over” 1 per cent of all crimes committed in that state, and were 57 times more likely to commit aggravated robbery than the general population.

The Sudanese “refugees” are a problem that cannot be fixed while bleeding heart liberal judges refuse to deport them and refuse to sentence them to prison. There has to be legislation that if a refugee is charged with an offense they should immediately be listed for deportation with an option to appeal.

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