PMP Certification and How It Can Help Boost Your Business

PMP Certification and How It Can Help Boost Your Business

Nowadays, the world of employment is getting even more competitive by the day. A bachelor’s degree sometimes isn’t enough to make the cut or to stay on top of all the other thousands of applicants. For managerial positions, one of the most in-demand certifications is that of a Project Management Professional or PMP, which can be taken at prestigious university programs such as Edwel Programs. Read on through this article to learn more about PMP and, as an employer, how hiring an employee with one can help boost your business.

1. Customers all over the world demand for a PMP certification

If you are a business that is necessarily a business provider, you will know how important it is for your employees and managers to have a PMP Certification. A lot of customers demand this certification, as this is primarily an advantage over all other companies. If your project managers have this certification attached to their name, it sets them above the rest. Some clients all over the world will not accept your company’s proposal for projects if you cannot present a certified project manager as part of your team.

Even more importantly, the vast majority of clients also prefer a PMP-certified project manager over one who doesn’t have the same credentials. With this, your company can connect to a better network of other companies as well, as you are now accepted by a wider range of clients, who have more stringent demands from companies.

2. Clients can communicate more effectively with your team

With a PMP certification attached to your employees’ names, it means that your employees can speak the universal language with other project managers all over the world. Because they are up-to-date with all training and certifications, they know how to relate with other project managers, and what to do to be up-to-date with their presentations. For example, your project manager will understand the following:

  • Planning of more up-to-date projects, and respective strategies and risk identification
  • Using the latest techniques and procedures, with their costs on how to carry out the projects
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities of each key player of the project
  • Identifying measures and strategies to overcome each of the identified risks and challenges

3. Projects have higher chances of becoming successful if handled by a PMP-certified manager

You do not just become a project manager for nothing; before you receive your certification, you will already have gone through extensive training that covers everything you need to know about the latest trends concerning project management. In this manner, you are more equipped with global standards of project management, making you just as competitive as the rest of the world is. Remember that the success of a project often depends on recent updates that you garnered.

Because of their certification, your project managers know how to manage projects in the best way possible. They know the latest techniques with structure in project management and, most importantly, using the most efficient means possible to achieve the best results with the least cost and time. These techniques improve the chances of success for projects that you are set to handle.

4. Your reputation as a company will profoundly improve

There is no denying it: in the world of business, every single day is like a competition of who stays on top and who doesn’t. One of the best ways for you to keep on top of your game is for you to improve your reputation as a company. In your day-to-day operations, it is your workforce that handles the bulk of your activities. Hence, your success is highly dependent on them as well.

In the eyes of your clients, if you have project managers who are PMP-certified, you will come off as a goal- and success-oriented business. A PMP certification is just an added advantage to your name, one that is not even mandatory. Hence, if your employees have the same, it shows that you are motivated and driven as a company towards success.

5. You can collaborate more effectively with other companies

When your team has project managers that are PMP-certified, you are also making it easier for your company to collaborate effectively with other companies. Even higher than this, you are opening yourself to a global network of possibilities. Hence, you are not limiting your business transactions only to domestic transactions, but you can now reach international waters as well. When your company teams up and collaborates with other organizations, any unwanted risks of project failure are lessened. In addition, you are opening yourself up to learning more techniques and trends in project management that you may have once frowned upon on a domestic level.


A part of any company’s success always comes with the organizational structure of its workforce. A part of any excellent organizational structure has a lot to do with project management. With this, it becomes necessary that your employees are up-to-date with their certifications, one of which is a Project Management Professional Certification. This makes it highly necessary for your project managers to have this certification on their plate.

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