PM Johnson to UK Lawmakers: “Deliver BREXIT”

PM Johnson to UK Lawmakers: “Deliver BREXIT”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson challenged UK lawmakers to deliver on the BREXIT vote and not thwart his plans to take Britain out of the EU on 31 October.

PM Johnson pledges to deliver BREXIT with or without a deal, but opposition lawmakers,and several lawmakers from his Conservatives want to act to rule out a no deal BREXIT when Parliament returns from recess on Tuesday.

Previous votes have indicated a majority in Parliament opposing a no-deal BREXIT, but in an interview, PM Johnson said that backing opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn risked there being no BREXIT at all.

“The fundamental choice is this: are you going to side with Jeremy Corbyn and those who want to cancel the referendum? Are you going to side with those who want to scrub the democratic verdict of the people and plunge this country into chaos?,” PM Johnson told the Sunday Times.

Or are you going to side with those of us who want to get on, deliver on the mandate of the people and focus with absolute, laser-like precision on the domestic agenda? That is the choice.”

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